The Best Thing You Can Do On Your Wedding Day

While we’re planning weddings with our couples, we always like to encourage pairs to explore and make decisions about some of the key details first. Things like dates, venues, flowers, attire, and photography always come to mind. As we delve deeper into the planning process together and begin to finalize every aspect, couples often ask us the same question and want to know what’s the best thing you can do on your wedding day.

What are we missing?

And, our answers hardly ever relate to a missing piece. Instead, we always find ourselves hearkening back to two concepts: personality and time.

First, your wedding day is one of the best opportunities you have to tell the story of your relationship. So, fill your day with your personalities! Your guests know you – many, likely, know you very well – and they want to experience a day that feels like you.

Second, though it’s hard to imagine while planning months in advance, the minutes will feel as though they’re ticking by even faster while you’re celebrating. But, have you planned time to spend alone together during your wedding day? You have likely heard of couples stepping aside to soak in the moment, but if you don’t plan that moment it will be so difficult to step away.

Below, The Styled Bride Team details the best things you can do on your wedding day. Most importantly, we share how to make them happen. Take a peek!

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Susan: Having a few quiet moments with your new spouse is priceless. One way to incorporate this is to hire a car to take you and your new spouse from your ceremony to your reception. It’s a great way to make a grand exit (and a grand entrance!), plus you’re able to spend a few moments alone together soaking in that you just got married. If you have opted to attend your cocktail hour, your ride to your reception may truly be one of the only times you’re able to relax together before you’re greeted by family and friends once more. Another bonus: the photos are always priceless!

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Arielle: Opt for a unique, truly YOU wedding reception. Clients often feel obligated to have all the traditional formalities at their wedding. While there is something meaningful to a father daughter dance or a toast from a best man, make your wedding a reflection of you. Stephanie and Bryan are such a fun pair. Stephanie is a competitive girl who LOVES playing games! She asked me if she was crazy for wanting to do a game at her reception, but I thought it was a great idea. All her guests participated (but we, of course, had a backup plan in case few chose not to), and enjoyed the game just as much as Stephanie and Bryan did. It was a memorable, entertaining element that set their wedding apart. It was a unique reflection of their personalities as individuals and as a couple.

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Carly: While planning your wedding and enjoying your wedding day, I often find couples would like to attend their cocktail hour. Although there are some who may feel this is a bit overwhelming, if so I like to suggest skipping it in favor of spending time alone with your new spouse. Caterers and venues are happy to set aside appetizers, cocktails, and even complete dinners to enjoy alone in a separate space so you can catch up without interruption from well-meaning and very excited family and friends. This may be the only time you spend alone together, so take advantage of it! We planned Julie and Jeff’s wedding at The Logan in April, and they both agreed this was the highlight of their day.


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