How to Plan a Wedding: Your Questions Answered {Part 2}

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If you’re about to start planning your wedding or you’re in the midst of the details, you likely have questions. And, oftentimes, couples opt to ask us! We decided to make our answers public so we can help more couples as they navigate wedding planning, and we answered five of the 10 questions we’re asked the most often in part 1 of our Q&A series. Today, we’re back with part 2!

If you’re wondering when you should start working with a wedding planner, make sure to keep reading below. And, if you’re can’t quite decide about offering your guests a ride, what to do if it rains, and if you really need to honor all of the traditions your family is suggesting, now is not the time to skim. All of those answers and more are waiting for you! If you missed part 1, make sure to catch up on those questions and answers here.

1. Q: When should we start working with a wedding planner?

A: Whenever feels best for you! If you would like to plan your entire wedding with a planner, the earlier you contact us, the better. But, the timing changes if you’re happy to plan some or even all of your wedding on your own. While we don’t necessarily recommend it because dates can become booked, we have had couples contact us 3-6 months before their wedding day for month of coordination.

2. Q: Should we offer transportation to our guests?

A: Yes! Transportation might not be one of the most glamorous topics, but it can be vital for wedding days. Allowing a professional to drive means guests don’t need to worry about directions or getting lost, and it helps to ensure everyone arrives to your ceremony and reception on time.

3. Q: Is an at-home tented wedding less expensive than a wedding at a venue?

A: No! As much as we love planning tented weddings, it’s a myth that they’re friendlier to budgets than weddings at venues. When you host a tented wedding, everything from the tent to restrooms and even power must be brought in, which means tented weddings often require couples to double their budget.

4. Q: Do we need to incorporate traditions into our wedding?

A: Like trends, traditions should be honored if you’re passionate about them. If you’re not interested in tossing a bouquet or cutting a cake, it’s completely acceptable to skip it. If you do want to honor a tradition, you can always do so with your photographer and without an announcement.

5. Q: What is the best way to handle rain on my wedding day?

A: Before your wedding day, talk with your planner, photographer, and venue to develop a plan B in case there is inclement weather. Working ahead of time means you will be able to determine a solution together that is equally as photogenic as your outdoor plans. Then embrace it! Some of the best photos of our couples happened because rain was in the forecast.

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