How to Plan a Wedding: Your Questions Answered {Part 1}

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Whether you’re a newly engaged couple or you’ve been planning your wedding for months, we are always asked questions. And, we find we are asked the same questions quite frequently! Rather than keeping all of the answers to ourselves or between us and the couples who ask them, we thought we would share the 10 questions we’re asked most often complete with the answers we offer each and every time.

To not overwhelm you (and to keep the posts on the shorter side!), we’re breaking things up into two parts. So, keep reading below to learn everything from whether or not wedding planners plan your wedding for you to what we really think about wedding trends. Our answers may surprise you, and we hope they help to ease your mind.

1. Q: Does a wedding planner plan our wedding for us?

A: No. The best planners act as a guide to plan your wedding with you. We will get to know your style and personalities and share our favorite professionals who we think will match your vision. But, every final decision is yours to make!

2. Q: Are there different types of wedding planning services?

A: Yes! We offer full service planning for couples who want us to guide them every step of the way; partial planning for couples who are happy to plan some but not all of the details; and month-of coordination for couples who have planned their wedding themselves but want our team to manage all of their details on the day of their celebration.

3. Q: When is the best time of year to get married in Philadelphia?

A: Every season has something unique to offer in Philadelphia! Flowers are in bloom during the spring; outdoor weddings are lovely during the summer; the city is painted in some of the best colors during the fall; and the winter welcomes cozy style. As a general rule, the most popular times to get married in Philadelphia are the spring and fall.

4. Q: What is your favorite wedding trend?

A: The ones you choose to include! We believe in wonderful professionals and services that will help with logistics, but we’re not fans of trends. If something will bring you joy, then have it! No one is going to look back on your wedding and say it was the best or worst based on a trend you did or did not include.

5. Q: We just got engaged! What should be our first wedding planning step?

A: First, enjoy the moment and celebrate! Once you’re 12-18 months out from when you think you might want to get married, set your budget, decide on the size of your guest list, start scouting venues, decide on a wedding date, and start researching potential wedding professionals.

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