My Best Friend and True Love – Sanjana and Kevin 8. 31. 14

Every girl has best friend and true love at some point in their lives, but if they are the same person count yourself lucky.  Thankfully for Sanjana, she is one of the lucky ones.

Sanjana and Kevin met during Kevin’s first year of medical school in Philadelphia. Sanjana’s roommate was Kevin’s classmate so she introduced them early on during that year. Not too long after they met, Kevin’s began spending quite a bit of time hanging out at their apartment.  The two quickly kindled a friendship which only continued to grow as they became not only a couple but best friends.

Kevin planned a proposal, which almost wasn’t, as the pair went out for a nice dinner Kevin was texting on his phone. This started to bother Sanjana who was considering calling it night. Kevin said he had a headache and was sorry, could they just stop back at his apartment. Exasperated Sanjana agreed, however to her surprise Kevin had set up a room of rose petals, candles, chocolate, champagne. When she turned around she realized her best friend was asking her to marry him! A few minutes later (after she said yes) out popped friends from the next room. It just so happened that Kevin had been texting them about how to set up his apartment for the perfect proposal. Mission accomplished!

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