A Styled Day: Erica Powell of Reverie Gallery

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In December, we were so fortunate to be featured on Reverie Gallery. It’s a stunning blog, and the posts are never short on style, heartfelt details, and gorgeous photography. Today, we’re going behind-the-scenes (and behind-the-blog) with Erica Powell. She’s the President and Editor-in-Chief of Reverie Gallery, and she spends her days reviewing blog submissions from vendors, chatting with wedding industry pros to learn more about their businesses for her Vendor Boutique (a great place to start your search for vetted vendors in your area), and designing for her blog and wedding clients (she’s also a planner!).

Keep reading below to hear all about the ins and outs of being running a blog from Erica in our latest edition of A Styled Day!

1: Galleria Vivid; 2-3: JAGstudios 1: Galleria Vivid; 2-3: JAGstudios

My days are never completely the same and that is part of why I love my job so much! On any given day you can find me here working in my home office in the Fingerlakes of New York, or in my Greenwich, Connecticut Studio meeting with wedding planning clients, some days I’m prepping for or speaking to wedding vendors about marketing, some days planning weddings or shoots, some days I am scheduling and planning the blog, or working with the Reverie Gallery team on a project, so it really varies! But if we’re looking at a normal day in my home office, which is where I love to work most, this is a rough idea of what my days look like:

8-8:30am Wake up and wake up my two and a half year old daughter and Monica arrives to watch Brynnleigh at our house and she works as the Editorial Coordinator at Reverie Gallery too so she is always available to talk shop quickly if needed. I have to carry my older dog Rocky down the stairs every morning, which gets old fast, but I love him, so I guess it’s a form of a morning work out.

9am We eat breakfast in the kitchen and talk about the day and what we are going to work on. Note: I am not a morning person! So I like to start my day slowly and thoughtfully. I do need my coffee, it’s a necessity not a luxury. Usually I drink Starbucks caramel coffee that I make at home with milk and sugar.

9:30am is ideally the time I’d go to the gym or yoga, but if I am super busy, which is often, I end up going straight to work. Once I’m in front of the computer I am stuck like glue. Usually here I am picking articles to feature on our website, coordinating with our team about article prep and photos to choose, working with our Membership Executive team to search for and reach out to new vendors to add to our Vendor Boutique, planning big projects, designing weddings I am working on, working on new features for our website, or any one of about a million things. The day flies by and I am super focused!

JAGstudios JAGstudios

12-1pm Usually sometimes around 12 or 1 I realize that I should probably eat something, so I make my way back into the kitchen, see what the girls are up to, make something to eat, and think about how I am going to spend the second half of the daytime hours.

1pm Back at the computer again, and I should mention I love my office. My view is out the front window of my house, which lately has seen a lot of snow. I have turquoise and gold accessories on my big wooden desk that is actually a chunky wood dining room table, and white and gold koi fish swimming up my wall. I also have two gorgeous curtains framing the window that are in a turquoise and navy ikat fabric that I made myself. When my eyes need a break from the computer screen this is where I normally look! If you want to see what kind of things are in my office, my pinterest board from my home office re-design is still online!

7,8: Blue Diamond Photography; 9, 10: MV Film Productions 7,8: Blue Diamond Photography; 9, 10: MV Film Productions

Second half of the day I’m working on a never-ending to do list of prepping, organizing, and scheduling the Reverie Gallery’s blog, and designing. Many days in the afternoons, I have interviews with new vendors for our Vendor Boutique, get to hear about their businesses and what makes them unique, and what their goals are for the growth of their companies. I really love meeting new wedding vendors and their stories. It’s fun and exciting to talk to vendors from all over the country and hear what they’re up to!

4pm – 8:30pm This is the time that I get to spend with my amazing daughter and husband during the week, although I do get to pop out of the office when I need a break and see Brynnleigh which is the best part of working at home. We usually go out and do fun things in the evenings: swimming at the local indoor pool in the winter or the lake in the Summer, go to the Bass Pro Shops nearby and look at their huge aquarium, climb on quarter rides that she loves to sit on, go to the arcade, go to a local park, walk around our historic town, go out to dinner, or eat dinner at home. Weekends are more of the same plus apple picking in the fall, riding tractors on my husband’s family farm, going to the zoo or museums. We like to stay busy!

8:30pm Around 8 or 8:30 I usually spend some quiet time with my daughter reading books or doing quiet activities and she goes to bed.

8:30pm is what I call my second wind. In the evenings I usually have a cup of decaf and get back to my computer if my husband is working, and I could be found working until 12 or 1 on most nights. This is a really bad habit, but I love my job, so I get into work again and try to finish a couple more creative projects. If my husband is home we usually watch some tv and have a glass of wine, or sit out on the front porch with a glass of wine in the warmer months and just relax.

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