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Photo via Once Wed; Graphic: The Styled Bride
Photo via Once Wed; Graphic: The Styled Bride

The winter is one of the harshest seasons for your skin because the cold temperatures cause it to be prone to dryness. As a result, we reached out to a few of our our go to skincare and makeup experts– Beke Beau, Emily from Cheekadee, and Kelley from The Parlour – to find out their best tips and favorite products to keep your skin looking and feelings its best. Although these tips are great for the winter, they’re also fantastic to use all year long. Read on, and make sure to follow each on Facebook for more!

1. What are the best ways to keep skin healthy during the winter?

From Emily at Cheekadee: By applying the proper products during the day and removing all traces of makeup at night, your skin will look great with or without makeup. Skincare is the most important step in makeup application. If your skin isn’t hydrated properly, this makes it next to impossible for the makeup to go on smoothly. It is our biggest obstacle with clients… women who are afraid to moisturize for fear of breakouts. Don’t be afraid! Sometimes you have to keep trying until you find what works for you.

1.      Invest in a Clarisonic Cleaning brush. A Clarisonic works like in the same way a Sonicare toothbrush does, but for your face. It removes all traces of makeup and brightens and tightens your skin. There are different brush heads for different skin types. I use the sensitive one and replace it every three months. (An alternative: Kelley Starr from The Parlour recommends using a cotton washcloth with your liquid cleanser to remove makeup and give the skin a bit of exfoliation.)

2.      Invest in a good moisturizer with sunscreen that is appropriate for your skin type. 

3.      Remove your eye makeup EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT with this

4.      Avoid tanning 

5.      Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and avoid drinking too much alcohol, especially the night before a big event. 

What are your top five favorite products for skincare or makeup?

For the winter, Beke Beau recommends: Extreme hydration in the form of natural oil-based products.  Her list includes:

1.      Raw coconut oil (for skin and hair)

2.       Goē Oil by Jao (mostly for the body, and it smells divine),

3.       Medicine Mama Apothecary Bee Magic All in One Healing Skin Cream -a treat for the face

4.      Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar  for moisture and a little shine

5.      Andalou Naturals Argan + Mint Lip Therapy.

Kelley favors The Parlour’s own Wilde Gatherings skincare line, as well as a few other products, that they carry at their salon in Fishtown:

1.      Wilde Gatherings Aroma Face Mist – contains rose water and various essential oils to hydrate and encourage a glowing skin

2.      Wilde Gatherings Herbal Cleansersmade with totally raw, pure and organic herbs and natural ingredients help to balance, hydrate, exfoliate and firm any and all skin types. 5 formulas for different skin types and skin needs.

3.      Wild Carrot Soulshine Moisturizerthe perfect moisturizer for most skin types. . 

4.      Jane Iredale tinted Moisturizer6 colors of a soft tinted moisturizer with a matte finish, will leave your skin perfectly even with out much effort. Great by itself or under any other makeup. Has SPF 15!

5.      Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Instant Skin PerfectorA 3 in 1 moistuizer, primer & no color foundation. Helps you achieve flawless skin, brightens the complexion, minimizes pores while giving a glowing dewy finish. Can be used with any other makeup or perfect on its own.

Emily’s go-to makeup favorites include:

1.      Clairsonic Cleansing Brush Mia – they have 651 five star reviews for this product alone. PS: I get nothing for recommending this 😉

2.      Face Atelier Foundation – My go to foundation for myself and my kit. Their customer service is great. You can order samples online to try. 

3.      Tarte- Amazonian Clay Blush – The colors and the consistency are so beautiful. I love everything about this line. Natural blending with color that pops!

4.      OCC Lip Tar – I am so in love with this product. Their line is vegan and all natural, yet the pigments are fierce! You can mix the colors, and they stay on all day without drying your lips out! We love these for our brides! 

5.      Temptu Retouch Powder – What’s not to love about an HD powder that has a built in brush? Texture is flawless. 

Describe a few skin care mistakes. How can brides avoid making them?

From Beke:

1.      Overuse of chemical exfoliants is a biggie. Retin-A, alpha and beta hydroxy acids and the like can be extremely drying and should only be used as directed.

2.      Not being on a simple skin care regimen that includes a moisturizing SPF for day, then good cleansing and moisturizing at night.  Doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be regular.

3.      Drinking too much alcohol and too little water will take its toll.

*A tip – products work better when they’re applied to skin that is damp or moist with water.  This is especially true with lip balms, etc. You can put all the Chapstick (please don’t) you want on your lips, but if there’s no water to hold in, it won’t do a thing for you.

From Emily:

1.      Not removing makeup at night. If you leave your mascara on and reapply over it, it not only looks clumpy, but it is more than likely breaking your lashes off. It is ok to cover that blemish during the day, but make sure you treat it at night. Keeping foundation on at night is one of the main causes of breakouts.

2.      Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Don’t be disappointed when you try to recreate a particular makeup look and it doesn’t look the same on you. Plain and simple, it may not be appropriate for you. If you are a blonde with blue eyes, the Kim Kardashian eye will look COMPLETELY different on you. That is not to say that you can’t rock a smoky eye, because you can! Just keep in mind that we all have different features, eye shapes and skin tones. You just have to find what works best for your skin, eyes and coloring.


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