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How to’s : Trim Your Wedding Guest List- yes, really!

This a dilemma many couples face – so don’t fear.  It is perfectly normal to have no idea how 350 people ended on the guest list!   However you may not be able to have everyone you, you parents, your fiance and his parents know (in the entire world) at your wedding.  Here’s how to realistically trim the list:

1. Decide on the venue — sometimes it will make the decision for you:  You have fallen in love again (this time with your venue) and it holds 180 people maximum. So it’s time to cut your list down. Way down.

2. Have a sit-down with your parents:  Who are your nearest and dearest? That’s the list , no really, ask your parents to keep their own guest lists on the shorter side. Hopefully you have parents who understand, and if not so much, try our next tip…..

3. If you haven’t spoken to someone in over two years, cut them: Sad, but true. Weddings are special and meant to be shared with your closest of close. People grow apart and that is totally natural. Plus, people who have lost touch with you won’t expect to be invited anyway … Or at least they shouldn’t!

4. No Ring, No Bring: This is the most common tip for reducing guest lists. While it would be wonderful to extend a plus one to all guests, that could send your total through the roof! Unless the person is married or engaged, they’re flying solo. ** However we realize this may cause some MAJOR issues so if you have to go to plan B…  if they live together and/or have been dating seriously for more than one year. 

For more ways to tactfully trim try these helpful hints and/or read about one brides personal plight on reducing her list by 100 guests!


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