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Although we have complete faith that your photographer and videographer will capture your wedding beautifully, seeing your day through the eyes of your guests is almost too hard to resist. However, one of our couples’ most frequently asked questions is how to collect all of the photos guests capture so they can see them too (without having to scroll through Facebook and Instagram feeds). We have a solution! Whether you’re guests are capturing photos, videos, or both, here are our favorite app finds and a few facts about each:

1. Instagram: The first app to come to mind is, of course, Instagram. By creating a really creative hashtag and encouraging guests to use it, you’ll be able to see all of the photos captured throughout your wedding.

Pro: Most tech-happy guests already have and use Instagram fairly regularly, so there’s not a concern about whether or not an explanation about the app is necessary. A sign at your ceremony and a second at your reception noting your hashtag will serve as a great reminder.

Con: Your chosen hashtag will need to be really unique in order to risk not having your photos combined with another couple’s. Plus, although you can print your own Instagram photos using sites like Chatbooks or Printstagram, we weren’t able to find a definitive way to print photos from a hashtag when the photos are not from your personal account.

2. Eversnap: Most of the apps we found have a cost associated with them, and Eversnap is one of them. By purchasing the $99 package, you and your guests will be able to download the app and access your album by entering in a code provided by the company.  After your wedding, you can save an unlimited amount of photos and videos to your computer. Plus, the company will also send 200 instruction cards at no additional charge to give to guests either as part of your invitations or at your wedding.

Pro: The site and app are very well done aesthetically, plus this company is highly regarded by the likes of The Huffington Post and CNN. We also love that you can download your photos and videos to your computer rather than only being able to access them via the app or website.

Con: Having to purchase a package might feel a little frustrating, and the app does not integrate with Instagram unless you want to purchase the most expensive package for $399. The only way to upload photos is by using the app.

3. Guest Shots: This app is free to download for you and your guests, plus you will be able to upload photos from your photographer to your account allowing everything to be housed in one spot.

Pro: The only cost associated with this app and service is printing or saving your photos and videos. You can opt to have a book of your photos created by Guest Shots, or you can save all of your photos to your computer instead and print them yourself. We also love that you can have a movie created of all of your guests’ video clips for $49.

Con: The site is a little confusing and not nearly as aesthetically lovely as the other apps mentioned. The ala cart pricing can also add up very quickly.

4. Capsule: The perfect option if you created a wedding website with The Knot, this app shares all of your photos and videos to your personal website. Plus, it’s free! We also love Capsule’s suggestion to start using the app long before your wedding day (think: engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc).

Pro: The fact that The Knot supports this app makes us truly confident about using it, and we love that guests can upload photos from Instagram by using your personal “join code” as a hashtag (the unique code is $19.95). It might look strange on Instagram, but there won’t be a doubt about it being unique!

Con: It doesn’t appear that you will be able to download your photos to your computer, so they will always be housed on the site. This also means you will only be able to purchase prints through Capsule’s Marketplace. Additionally, this app does not support video sharing.

5. WedSocial: In one word, this app is…awesome. Created by WeddingWire, WedSocial is free to download. Plus, because it integrates with your wedding website on WeddingWire, guests will not only be able to upload photos, but they will also be able to access all of the information about your wedding and find directions to your ceremony and reception sites.

Pro: There’s nothing easier for everyone to use than an app that houses a ton of information in one place! We also love that there aren’t any additional costs for anyone involved, plus you and your guests will be able to see and “like” photos from everyone using the app at your wedding.

Con: The app does not support video sharing, and they are not tied to a company that can print your photos for you. You will need to save photos to your phone or computer and then print them on your own.

A quick tip about printing photos: Artifact Uprising allows you to create stunning photo books. The site is so easy to use, their customer service is wonderful, and the cost to print your book(s) is not astronomical.

Are you planning to ask guests to take and share photos at your wedding? We would love to hear about your ideas in the comments or on Facebook!


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