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Styled Spotlight: Margaux St. LedgerOwner/Designer Fleur De Lis Floral.

It is time once again for our monthly series, Styled Spotlight, where we are asking one creative wedding professional a series of questions so you can learn how they got started, why they love what they do, what they love most about Philadelphia, and more. Today we talk with floral expert Margaux St Ledger who specializes in custom floral design & décor for special events. 

1. Let’s get to know you! Tell us a little bit about your background. 

I have a BFA in Art from Rosemont College in Rosemont PA.  I have always been a crafty person, but the study of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, etc., did help me develop a true understanding of form, texture, color and design.

2. How did you know that the wedding industry was the right fit for you? 

After getting the training in school, I needed to figure out what to do with the ‘art’.  I moved to Los Angeles after college and started working with flowers in the special event business in.  At first it was just a seasonal gig for Christmas.  But, it was a great fit for me and the perfect way to ‘marry’ my education, talent and quest to have a job that I love.  My mentors there taught me everything about flowers… care, technique and the importance of each and every client.  My first wedding client was Jacqueline Smith.

3. What do you love most about weddings in Philadelphia? 

I just love Philadelphia in general.  It’s the city closest to where I grew up in South Jersey.  I love the diversity of the venues that offers just about every setting for a Bride to chose from.  Weddings have become much more style and personality focused so it’s great to have so much to offer to each client. 

4. How would you describe your aesthetic? 

My aesthetic really comes from who my client is first… or whom I am designing for.  I believe that my job is to bring my client’s vision to life and to exceed their expectations.  That is why the first meeting is so important.  That time gives me the opportunity to ‘get’ who she or he is.  That time we spend together helps me to understand who they are organically.  Knowing what flowers they want and what designs they like is also very important, and we cover that too, but how to make that unique to each client… that takes the talent of seeking to know who that person is.  That is my approach, aesthetic and I think an element that sets me apart.

5. What is one piece of advice you hope to impart on brides and grooms?

Use the tools that are out there in planning a wedding to the best of your ability.  Weddings can be an expensive endeavor. But, just like anything you buy, you can spend wisely to maximize the budget you have.  Watch that you don’t put all your “pennies” in one basket.  I often find that clients will make big decisions quickly and then not have much left for other important things that they want.  As far as working with anyone for décor, Pinterest is a huge help.  Create your palette and design sheet so that whomever you decide to work with has a clear understanding of what you want.  I sometimes liken a floral designer to a hairdresser.  Have you ever gone to get your hair cut at a new place, and tried to tell the hairdresser what you want?  They seem to know what your saying, but you end up walking out with a different hairstyle than you wanted?  Sometimes stylists will say yes, yes, but really think they know a better look for you.  Take a photo and show them.  Best sure that they really understand what you want and not what they think will look the best. 

Five Favorites…

1. Element that always catches your eye? 

Anything with true artistry.

2. Favorite trend or application you are seeing with florals?

I am seeing more of an organic feel with the presence of true botanical influences along with more unique color.  Adding those elements to the tried and true looks are elevating designs to a new level.  Style and composition is a little more relaxed but still elegant.  Bling isn’t gone, but adding the organic movement of branches or more distinctive floral shapes is definitely in.

3. Moment at a wedding?

I did the weddings for both daughters of a client (about 5 years apart)… On the night of the second wedding, I was back at the venue when it was finishing, to take care of the pick up and the client saw me.  She brought me into the reception room which was still in full swing, asked the band to stop, grabbed the mic and introduced me to the entire room, tearfully thanking me for what a great job I did for her.  That was a first!

4. Way to spend the day after a wedding?

After the clean up (ha, ha), relaxing with my family who I ultimately I do all of this for.

5. Hidden gem in Philadelphia? 

I don’t know how hidden this is, but I think Terrain at Styers, in Glen Mills, is a gem.


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