How to’s: Choose Your Reception Dining Style

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We are always asked by our couples what we think is the best reception style and our friends at Philadelphia Weddings have put together this helpful breakdown, to well, help you break it down.

Of course there are quite a few variations on the wedding reception dinner, and at least as many reasons to go with one over the other. Maybe you’ve got a giant guest list for a celebration you’re starting later in the evening, and it just makes sense to go with a cocktail party. If your wedding is very formal and traditional, chances are you’ll do a seated, multi-course dinner—and if you’re throwing a rustic outdoor celebration, family style is such a sweet way to serve your meal.

Whatever your personal circumstances may be, though, you still might be having trouble deciding how, exactly, you want to do this—and so we thought that this detailed breakdown of each style of reception, with the pros and cons laid out for each, might be a helpful way for you to think about it. It’ll make you focus on all the factors, from budget to party size, that you should consider when approaching how you’ll cater your celebration.

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