Wedding Wednesday: A Styled Day Series

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A Styled Day – Susan Norcross, Wedding Director, Styled Bride

If you’ve gleaned any insight about us, you’ve already realized how much we love going behind-the-scenes with our go-to wedding pros.  With this in mind, we decided to take our behind-the-scenes chats to an additional level. Of course our Styled Spotlight series will continue, but now we’re delving into the day-to-day lives of our pros.

In our new Styled Day series, we’re asking how each professional spends their day moment-by-moment. Have you ever wanted to spend a day in the shoes of a makeup artist, photographer or bridal designer? Stay tuned to our new series because each month we’re going behind-the-day!

Just like our first Styled Spotlight, we’re starting off with our own Wedding Director, Susan Norcross. She’s sharing all about a typical day-in-the-life of a wedding planner below! (Hint: a dog alarm clock, meetings in vintage spaces, and a night filled with catching up on emails awaits.)

What does a typical day look like for you?  “Well, it’s definitely never the same and it’s certainly not typical, but I can’t say I would want it any other way.  Here’s how it goes down       (most days anyway): ”

7am – Wake Up (usually to my dog’s face in mine)

7:30am – Dress for exercise/Eat Breakfast/Check email

8am – Say goodbye to my husband/Walk dog (if he decides to get out of bed!)

8:30am-9:30am – Meet my friend Sarah, who is a trainer, for a run/workout session                   *If I am not working out, I will go straight to my in home office.

9:30am – Shower and start the day – this sometimes means I’m heading right out to meetings.  If I’m in meetings, my day looks like this…

11am – Meeting at stationer’s with bride to start looking at save the dates.

12:30pm – In the car, have a granola bar. Call back a florist to confirm a delivery time for flowers for a wedding at the end of the month.

1pm – Meeting with rental company & bride to talk about decor for an outdoor summer 2015 wedding.

3pm – Bride departs; brainstorm with rental company for another bride who has needs for a bridesmaids’ luncheon. Talk about ideas for other items we could use in their inventory for 2015 weddings.

4:30pm – Drive home. Call a caterer from the car to talk about a tasting we had earlier in the week.

5pm – Say hello to my husband and walk the dog (again!)

5:30pm – I should get dinner, but more than likely I’m back on my computer answering emails or taking a call with a new client or a bride who needs to chat after regular business hours.

7pm – Dinner … sometimes at my desk (…or on the couch). If I can call it a day, I’ll go out with my husband. However, some nights I may work off and on until 10-11pm on things like updating social media or reviewing photos for a media submission.

10pm – Fall asleep on the couch watching Netflix… sad to say but true.

11pm – Wake up and actually go to bed – but I might check my email one more time – I’m obsessed with making sure no one has anything urgent before I can sleep!

11:30pm- Lights out ….Good night planners everywhere!

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