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5 Tips for Late Summer Weddings

Have you subscribed to The Styled Note yet? If so, you already know we are so excited for all of the changes the fall brings to weddings (and if you haven’t, sign up right here!). But if we’re being completely technical, summer doesn’t end until the last week of September. From palettes to honeymoons and what to wear as a guest (and more!), we’re offering up our five best tips for late summer weddings.

Book Early: Even though most of September is technically still the summer, many people join these weeks together with the rest of the fall. With the temperatures still relatively warm and guests’ schedules much less prone to being tied up with summer travel plans, September is one of the most popular months to get married. Vendors’ calendars fill quickly though, so plan to book your favorites early.

Temperature & Lighting: Outdoor weddings are definitely still the norm during the latest summer month, but you’ll want to keep temperatures and lighting in mind. While the beginning of the month may have you adding fans to your rental work order, the end of the month may mean you need to add heaters (temperatures drop quickly in the evenings!). Bug repellent and sunscreen are key for warmer nights, but cooler temperatures may have your guests reaching for Pashminas and throws to warm up. Also, keep in mind that the light fades earlier in September. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony (or one where you’ll want to take photos outside after), plan to start just a bit earlier to accommodate for later finish times. You don’t want to miss the golden hour, which has the prettiest lighting for photos!

Palettes: The late summer can be a tricky time when choosing your color palette. You don’t want to go completely bright or pastel, but darker hues may not feel quite right either. Merlot, cranberry, and plum look gorgeous when mixed with a brighter color, such as golden yellow, to honor the late summer season. We also love seeing berry colored palettes – brighter pinks and raspberry reds mixed with purples – during this time of year. Searching for a great metallic? Copper is the way to go! It has warmer tones than silver, but it’s not quite as warm in color as gold.

What to Wear: Cooler temperatures toward the end of the late summer season may have you reaching for a bolero, which always adds style to complete your bridal look. Grooms will happily be much more comfortable in suits because it’s not nearly as stifling as it is during the summer. Cocktail attire or black tie optional work well for guest attire during September because ladies won’t feel as though floor length gowns are a must, and gents may skip a tuxedo that still might be a little uncomfortable. Plum, cranberry, raspberry, navy, or black are all great colors to turn to when choosing your dress as a guest.

Honeymoon: Little known fact: late summer and early fall are two of the best times to go on your honeymoon. Most destinations, including many in the US, are in their low season through late November-early December, which means lower costs for hotels and flights. Europe is also lovely during September because it’s void of all of the summer crowds. Plus the cooler temperatures will cause you to want to explore even more, and a possible lack of air conditioning (yes, this is possible) will no longer be an issue.

Do you have any late summer wedding tips to add or perhaps a question to ask? Sound off in the comments, or leave us a note on Facebook! 


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